Zeus Disc Brake Conversion Kit

for Land Rover Series (1,2,2A,3), Stage 1
Counties, and Salisbury Axles with Drums

Since 1948 Land-Rover have used drum brakes on all the vehicles up until about 1986.
While at the time drum brakes were an appropriate technology, it is now possible for all Land Rover owners to upgrade their series vehicles brakes to disc brakes(front or front and rear axles).

This now means that Series Land-Rover owners' don't have to be concerned about:

The Zeus Disc Brake Conversion Kit was developed, designed and manufactured by a company with a proven track record in designing disc brake conversions (ask any London taxi-driver or classic car owner for example) over the last 15 years. This development programme brings not only the new series disc brake conversion kit, but various other ancillary products such as:

The Zeus Disc Brake Kit.
Purposes designed, the Zeus Disc Brake Kit is a simple and effective conversion kit that contains all the parts required to convert any series Land-Rover Axle from drum brakes to disc brakes. Fitting is simple and users the familiar Land-Rover technique required to change a wheel bearing.
It is a non-invasive technique that doesn't require drilling, grinding or similar modifications to the swivel ball housing. In fact, the complete kit can be removed from the vehicle, transferred to another, and the old drum brakes replaced without leaving any trace of the modification.

The kit requires the fitting of 16inch 6J wheels and this maximise the benefits of the improved braking.These have the extra space to accommodate the caliper and most importantly an enlarged "footprint" through which the increased braking power can be applied. More rubber on the road, means better and more controlled braking.
Popular wheels include the Discovery steel rims or Wholfe rims or the 5 spokers.

Q 1. I have a diesel, and as such I can't run a brake booster, so what can I do?
Fit the Zeus Disc Brake Kit. The four-pot caliper isn't reliant on a brake booster. In fact much of the testing work during the kits development was done on an 88 inch diesel.

Q 2. Can I fit the kit to both front and rear axles?
Yes, the kits can be fitted to both front and rear axles. However in such a case proportioning valves should be fitted to ensure the appropriate front to back ratio. The proportioning valve from the Discovery is a good one to use.
It is called a PCRV (pressure control release valve) Part number NTC6868L.

Q 3. Can I get extra extension studs if I'd just fit the kit to the front axle?
Yes, we sell the Zeus Extension Studs separately and these are available in either 9/16" or 16 mm. Many customers running non standard wheels used Zeus Extension Studs to help them pass their MOT or similar.

Q4. If I want to buy replacement pads do I have to buy them from you or are they available from other suppliers?
The pads are a standard and popular pad, and as such you can buy them from your local motor accessory store, although we would be more than happy to at least provide a quote. We keep these and other spare parts in stock for anyone who needs them.

Q5. What do I get in a kit? In the following photo you'll see everything in the kit, except for the extension studs and new brake pipes.

Zeus Disc Brake Conversion Kit.

Q6. Can I see some photos taken during the installation process?

Getting ready to remove back plate

Back plate removed, ready to fit caliper retainer plate

Waiting to fit disc rotor

All we need now is a brake bleed, and a wheel!

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