YiCaN is a name derived from the combination of lateral thinking and the positive attitude of "Yes I CaN". Pronounced "whycan".

This has been applied to a range of consulting projects through to a range of products linked to Land Rovers and the 4wd segment of the automotive market.

All products that we select have been examined and tested on our own vehicles, and then offered for sale with a thorough "hands-on" knowledge of the products. This inturn enables YiCaN to offer pracital support to our customers.

The logo seen to the left is derived from a test used to judge lateral thinking skills, by getting the test subject to join 9 balls, with 4 lines, without removing the pen or pencil while completing the task.

Print out image below, and then take the test without looking at the logo on the left.

Instructions: Join all 9 red balls together, without removing your pencil from the paper.

Lateral thinking test

Solution: Even when printed out on a larger piece of paper, most people limit their "working area" to the outer edges of the balls ie 3 horizontal (top and bottom) and 3 vertical (left and right).

Here it is line by line.

imagine another ball at the bottom left and top right.Use these as "external markers" while you start your drawing at the bottom right corner

Draw a diagonal line up the the top left red ball, then

draw down the three left balls until you get to your bottom left marker,

draw diagonally upwards through the two red balls, until you get to your right hand marker.

From this point draw a horizontal line through the top 3 red balls.

That's all it takes to complete this puzzle!

If you search on the Internet you will find there are many other tests and puzzles that cover lateral thinking, or thinking "outside the square".At YiCaN we apply this philosophy to product selection, solving problems,and in our consulting projects. Please email for more information, or browse through our website, which we hope you will find informative.